The Internal Revenue Department (IRD) only keeps minimal essential data. It is not essential for you to tell us your personal and business information. When After submitting the Form B – 001, the system will generate a unique identification number (UID). Only you and the IRD will know this UID. We will use this UID to identify you and your tax history.

Only you and the Internal Revenue Department (IRD) know the UID. The UID is generated securely by our computer systems. We will always check the UID to verify authenticity.

The National Unity Government’s tax system relies on self-assessment by taxpayers. Our tax rules are simple. You should calculate your tax amount based on your declared earnings. We only keep your personal and business information that you choose to share with us and your tax information will be kept securely.

The National Unity Government’s official bank accounts are US Dollar accounts based outside Myanmar. If you have taxable incomes or transactions in kyats or currencies other than the US Dollar amount accordingly, you should convert your due tax amount to US Dollars accordinly using the daily spot exchange rate. You can reclaim or offset your tax dollars for relief or exemption in future tax years after we have restored lawful government in our country.

There is a law that tells the Government how to spend its tax money. Section 30 of the Union Taxation Law 2021 says that the Government need to prioritize spending on health, education, social welfare, welfare of the older people and children, and humanitarian assistance, to ease the hardship brought on the people of Myanmar by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the actions of the illegal military council.

You need a valid email address to pay tax. When you completed form A-001 the first time you paid tax, you would have been given a Tax Application Number. You must keep this number safe. If you have lost access to the original email account, you can use another valid email to complete the Form B-001. When you do this, you need to give us the correct Tax Application Number.

The UID is essential for your tax affairs. You must take care to keep it secure. When you make your first tax payment, you will be asked to provide answers to some security questions that only you should know. If you lose your UIN, we can retrieve it for you as long as you can give us the correct answer to those security questions.

If you can transfer funds using the international bank to bank transfer system, you can and should pay taxes to the National Unity Government. If you cannot do this yourself, you may be able to ask for help from someone that you trust who live abroad and who can make international fund transfers on your behalf. The Inland Revenue Department will accept tax paid through a third party.

We made reforms to the tax system during the last decade so that Myanmar citizens living abroad do not have to pay taxes to the Inland Revenue Department if they have paid taxes to the tax authorities in the countries that they currently live. The Union Taxation Law 2021 has not changed this. If you are an expatriate Myanmar citizen, you do not have to pay taxes on your salary income. You can choose to pay taxes on income that is not from your salary. You can also make tax payments now to offset future tax liabilities. You can reclaim or offset the tax you pay now for relief or exemption in future tax years after we have restored lawful government in our country.

Yes, up to ten individuals may choose to file taxes collectively.

When completing Form B-001, choose “Yes” in response to the question, “Are you filing tax on behalf of a group of taxpayers?”.

The taxpayer number and amount paid per each taxpayer should be specified in completing Form B-001.

The lnternal Revenue Department will then issue a Unique Taxpayer Number for each individual taxpayer.

NUGPay is the digital mobile money system (Mobile Wallet) that provides financial services to be used in conjunction with the Digital Myanmar Kyat (DMMK) of the NUG’s Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment.

NUGPay Wallet can be opened using the Activation Code which can be purchased from the NUGPay agents. By using NUGPay, topping up money into the NUGPay using Top Up Code, transferring money to another NUGPay wallet and receiving money from one’s own NUGPay wallet can be achieved securely, easily and swiftly.

You may read and learn tips and notes about NUGPay and contact NUGPay agents from